How to decorate wall behind tv stand

With the ever-rising trend in the use of LED TVs and LCD TVs. The issue of wall mounting your TV is starting to become a popular topic. How to decorate the wall behind the tv stand? You might think the process of wall mounting your TV is extremely simple and quite straightforward, but then again you might be completely wrong. Here are some tips and tricks to wall mounting your TV, while also making it look nice and stylish. You can do that by simply purchasing and hanging a nice painting or photograph on the wall behind the stand.

How to decorate wall behind tv stand

How to decorate wall behind tv stand

Looking to decorate the wall behind your TV stand? Take the following steps to create a sleek, stylish look that matches your room’s color scheme and fits in well with the rest of your space. These easy decorating ideas will look great in any home and can be applied to other rooms as well! You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of them sooner!

One of the best ways for you to make sure that you are going to have the best time possible with your family is to ensure that you have the best decorations possible in the house. A lot of people make the mistake of just putting up an image of the family; when in fact the place to put it is above the tv stand in the living room. Here is a great guide on how to decorate the wall behind your tv stand.

What You Should Know Before You Decorate?

The wall behind your television can be a great place to show off some personality. After all, it is probably in view more than any other wall in your home, aside from maybe behind your bed. But don’t just slap any artwork up there. You want people to think you’re smart and stylish; otherwise, why even bother?

When choosing art or photos to display on your wall, try not to use too many photos of friends and family; instead, look at art that makes a statement about who you are—your interests, what inspires you. People won’t know who everyone in those pictures is anyway! It might be difficult, but try to narrow down your options. It might help if you think about how well-suited each piece would be for the space it will fill behind your television set.

A small sketch could easily fit above an entertainment console or work well; as a poster when tacked to one wall of a corner. However, something bigger like canvas print will require careful thought and planning (ie, moving furniture). Because you don’t want people walking by and seeing parts of it through doors or windows they pass while going from room to room.

DIY Paint Color For The Tv Stand Wall

Use a dark shade on a focal wall behind your entertainment center to add depth and dimension to your living room. If you go lighter, you can still achieve impact; but in subtler ways that may suit a space better suited to softer tones. White or light blue behind your television will give off plenty of light without overpowering; though some designers are starting to advise against white paint as it tends to be too bright and sterile looking. Instead, try using warm colors like pink or yellow; use darker colors if you want to make your TV stand less prominent. The possibilities are nearly endless with paint color because there are so many shades available. Find one that works well with all other elements of your interior design, and brings out certain features while obscuring others.

What To Do With The Left Over Paint?

After painting a room, there are often plenty of extra cans of paint leftover. While it’s tempting to save these in case you need them in future jobs; you can almost always find another use for them instead. If you have an empty wall with an even surface behind your television or another piece of furniture; it’s a great place to hang some artwork or decorate using paint-on wallpaper. You could even frame out a quote, family photo, or drawing for a fun alternative to your usual surroundings.

When decorating keep in mind that different paints behave differently – oil-based paints are best used on solid surfaces like wood and won’t adhere well on walls painted with latex or acrylic paint; water-based latex paints will bond well to other latex surfaces but should not be applied over oil-based ones.  Also, consider whether you want your texture to show through; if so, take some time to sand down any particularly uneven patches on your chosen surface before starting work.

You’ll probably want at least two coats of paint (and possibly more) before adding a border or final details. And whatever you do, remember: stick around while drywall taping and mudding goes down! It may look messy, but when it comes together it makes all those hours of preparation worthwhile!

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Create Focal Point With Flower Pictures Or Artwork

The first thing that catches your eye when you walk into a room is usually its focal point; it draws your attention. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind how any focal point will work with your other design elements. Does it complement them or clash with them? If you like to display pictures of flowers; arrange some picture frames on top of your TV stand so they can hang there and create visual interest. Likewise, if you love artwork featuring nature scenes, place one piece above your fireplace mantle. Just be sure to choose pieces that match your living space theme before hanging them up!

Adding Shelves To Store All That Stuff

You’ve got a couple of options here: Either build your own shelves or buy them at a store. Whether you go DIY or opt for something pre-made, be sure to follow these tips: install it at eye level; choose a depth that’s slim enough to leave plenty of space behind and in front of it; make sure your shelves are strong enough to support whatever you plan on putting on them. Another great idea? Use one shelf to store all those remotes! If you’re still unsure about what sort of shelves to get, call an interior designer for advice. They can help find storage solutions and will often offer design services as well. And don’t forget about hooks!

Hang Lighting Above The Tv Bench For Warmth & Ambiance

Lights can be hung above a small bench in front of your big-screen TV; they’ll create an alluring ambiance while also giving your space added dimension. Suspend them slightly higher than you would if you were hanging lights over a dinner table; as you don’t want them to obstruct viewing or cast shadows on faces when friends gather to watch a movie or play video games. Play with unique shapes, like globe pendants, along with varying shades of white light to enhance a warmer glow.

If you find multiple places where you like your lights positioned but need more lighting power; invest in several smaller versions instead of one large fixture; (and take note that ceiling fans are popular in many rental spaces these days).

Hanging Lights That Plug Into Outlets Is Easy!

You can get some great wall sconces at pretty reasonable prices. A couple of things to keep in mind if you decide to use sconces on your wall behind your TV; make sure they’re low enough that they don’t obstruct your view of the screen, and consider putting them on a dimmer switch; so you can adjust their brightness and set mood lighting. Some people may not love having a lot of light right behind their television; so it’s important to have some control over it!

The easiest way to accomplish both of these things is by getting plug-in lights; they’ll work with any outlet (and since they plug into an outlet, you can use them around other appliances too!) The other plus side is that they provide even lighting and require no wiring; since all you need is an outlet. It takes just minutes to hang a new lamp or two up above your entertainment center; you might just find that it gives your living room (and viewing experience) a whole new vibe!

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ConclusionHow to decorate wall behind tv stand

We hope you’ve enjoyed our little article on how to decorate a wall behind a TV stand. We know that you have a lot of options that can work well in your space, so we hope this blog helps you find the right option for your home! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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